Evalues. IT Security Evaluation

The IT Security Evaluation laboratory belongs to the Technology Innovation Center (TIC) of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Its research work is focused on the security evaluation of networked information systems, and on the communications implications in performance, interoperability and conformance.The laboratory expertise is based on the works of a interdisciplinary group of researches, which supports the knowledge and experience of the laboratory.


José María Sierra

Associate Professor

Diego Suárez Touceda

Research Assistant

Fidel Paniagua Diez

Research Assistant

José Julián Bustos Díaz

Research Scholarship

Sergio Vilches Puerta

Research Scholarship

Antonio Parralejo Pablo

Research Scholarship

Research lines

Evaluation of equipments and protocols security
Management and interoperability of secure network systems
Advanced authentication protocols
Electronic payment
Flexibilization of security architecture for mobile dispositives

Functional and Penetration Test for IT Systems

Risk and Vulnerabilities Analysis

Wireless system protection architectures

Security in networks MANETS(VANETS) and WSN

Protection in distribution of digital contents (IPR)

Security guides for network configuration

ICT security courses

Security in applications development

VOIP Security. P2P-SIP

NFC Communications




Main Office
Evalues. IT Security Evaluation
Avda. Gregorio Peces Barba 1
Leganés, Madrid, 28919 (Spain)
Phone: +34 916 244 034
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